Posted by David Wilder Aug 16, Articles 4. Are you insane? This is a story about my experience working with sananga , the plant-based eye drops brewed from the Tabernaemontana genus of Amazonian shrubs, for 30 days in a row. Sananga is a potent eye medicine that has been used by traditional Amazonian tribespeople for many reasons, including its ability to sharpen night vision. Some tribes in Brazil use sananga prior to ayahuasca ceremonies because they believe it has a healing power that is more energetic than physical, increasing spiritual insight in those who use it. There is not a large body of existing scientific research on sananga, but the data we do have indicates that these eye drops may be capable of treating ocular diseases like glaucoma, astigmatism, and blindness. Sananga has been shown to be anti-inflammatory and effective in treating skin infections due to its antimicrobial properties. Research into other plants in the Tabernaemontana genus found that they have antifungal and antioxidant properties, which can play a role in preventing cataracts and macular degeneration. Sananga eye drops engender an intense burning sensation that typically lasts for a few minutes. Experienced practitioners claim that the pain is an important part of the healing process.
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Sananga Eye Drops you can find this on our website here Sananga is made from the roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub. Sananga is made from the roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub a "milkwood" species in the family Apocynaceae, and comes directly from the Amazonian tribes peoples. This sacred and potent medicine is used for healing physical and spiritual ailments, by clearing the mind of distractive energies and allowing for a complete new way of perceiving and focusing. This Sananga is infused with intentions of absolute clarity and focus. Although Sananga is said to contain Ibogaine alkaloids there is actually little evidence to suggest this is in fact true. Tabernaemontanta is not actually a genus but a "sub-family", and therefore also classified as "Tabernaemontanoidae". Usage and Medicinal Effects The pure spirit of Sananga supports a deep cleansing of blocked energies on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Sananga can balance and increase your energies, and find the roots of your diseases and blockages, leading to a complete equilibrium, focus and peace of mind. Also, Sananga increases your long-range vision, which is important for visualizations and predictions of the future. Apart of this, the drops are also used to cure and improve a broad range of ocular problems Lambert et al , like myopia, depth and color perception, definition of images, and detection accuracy.

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It is a bush tree from the amazon region, utilized by the Kaxinawa Indians and other tribes. From inside its roots, a juice is extracted, which is utilized to cure the Panemas spiritual diseases according to the tribes. Its active principle is Ibogaine, a powerful substance which if ingested will take the tribes person to a state of deep trance to get in touch with spirit world. In traditional medicine however, Sananga is utilized as an healing eye drop. The warrior Indians, before going hunting, will take a drop in each eye, making their perception sharpened, so they can perceive subtle movements in the dense forest. The Kaxinawa explain that Sananga works in two main energetic healing ways: Physical and Spiritual. The eyes are the windows of the soul, where all that we see and all that we project is stored, including our Karmic History. The Spirit of Sananga makes a kind of verification of the energetic patterns that are out of balance, and it goes on diluting these forces that constitute the Panemas. The result of this application is a balancing of the soul, synchronized with this spiritual force of nature, an expansion of the force of the spiritual vision, or of the AJNA CHAKRA, the third vision, the inner vision, and also an improvement in the ocular physiology. Sananga is indicated in cases of diseases such as: Glaucoma, cataract, near and farsightedness, dystrophies, color alterations, among others.

I first found out about Sananga eye drops while I was traveling through Pisac, Peru in the middle of the Sacred Valley. My curiosity about sacred plant medicines led me into the Shaman Store located not far from the market area. I was introduced to this plant medicine by the owner of the shop who told me this was good to use for clearing our mind and working with during my meditation.

They have been using Sananga and other Amazonian plant medicines for generations. They use Sananga for healing both spiritual and physical ailments, which include improving their focus and clearing out distracting energies before going on a hunt. There are different Sanangas one can purchase. I chose one based on a recommendation while I was at the shop. Sananga is made from the Tabernaemontana undulate shrub of South America. They take the bark from the roots of the shrub and grind it into a very fine powder, which they strain several times through mesh using freshwater.

Not all of the active ingredients have been scientifically proven, but it is said to contain ibogaine , which is known to have neurological and psychological benefits. It also contains several alkaloids that can have strong psychoactive effects. First and foremost, Sananga has spiritual properties to clear our blocked energies, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The more we work with the plant, the more benefits we will start to feel from it. It can seek out the root of our problems or diseases and guide us. Sananga has been reported to help people with severe eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and even blindness. Sananga should not be used continuously, rather used for one week and then take a few days off, before starting again for another week on. To administer the drops its best to be lying down in a comfortable low light setting. After administering the drops your eyes will adjust to the burning, just lay back or sit in a meditative position so you can relax, focus on your breathing and allow the plant to work its beneficial magic.

The burning sensation will gradually lessen the more we work with Sananga. If you are looking to increase your spiritual awareness and reach higher levels of consciousness, I recommend giving Sananga a try. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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